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Oracle Financial Management Analytics is built on top of existing Oracle BI EE functionality to perform many tasks, such as managing repositories and catalogs. To minimize repetition of information and to maintain the accuracy of related information, cross-references are made to existing Oracle BI EE and Financial Management documentation. For a list of related documentation, see Table 1, Related OBIEE Documentation

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Table 1. Related OBIEE Documentation

ProductDocumentProduct or Task
Oracle Enterprise Performance Management SystemOracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration GuideInformation on installing and configuring EPM System products
Oracle® Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System User and Role Security Guide

Information about the following topics:

  • Setting up and managing user provisioning and security roles


    All authorized users for Oracle Financial Management Analytics must have permissions for Financial Management and Financial Close Management.

  • For technical information regarding security, such as SSL, SSO, security agents and custom login

Oracle Financial Management AnalyticsOracle® Financial Management Analytics User's GuideInformation about using Oracle Financial Management Analytics reports
Financial ManagementOracle Hyperion Financial Management User's GuideInformation about using Financial Management
 Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator's GuideInformation about setting up and administering Financial Management
Oracle Fusion MiddlewareOracle® Fusion Middleware Concepts Guide Information about Oracle BI Analysis
 Oracle® Fusion Middleware Metadata Repository Builder's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Detailed information on creating and maintaining the presentation layer, and using the Expression Builder to map financial accounts
 Oracle® Fusion Middleware System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise EditionDetailed information on the NQSConfig.ini File configuration settings, and the BI Administration Tool
 Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise EditionInformation on BI Presentation Services and BI Server
 Oracle® Fusion Middleware Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise EditionInformation on setting up single sign-on (SSO) and other security settings that are defined in the OBIEE guide
Oracle BI EEOracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services Administration GuideFor information about the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog