Adding Tasks to Task Lists

You can set completion dates and alerts for tasks. Alerts display on task lists as colored circles:

You can also set up email messages, for example, to alert users that a task was not completed by its due date. Alert messages are sent after an “alert date” that you set, and are repeated until the due date is reached for a task. You must configure an email server (see Specifying System Settings).

  To add tasks to task lists:

  1. Open the Manage Task Lists page.

    See Managing Task Lists.

  2. Select a task list, select Actions, and then select Edit Task List.

  3. Select Actions, and then Add Child.

  4. Under Task Details, for Task, enter a task name.

  5. For Type, select the task type:

    • URL: Opens a specified URL

    • Form: Opens a form

    • Business Rule: Launches a business rule that you specify

    • Manage Approvals: Starts the review process with a specified scenario and version

    • Descriptive: Descriptive information

  6. In Task Type Properties, set properties for the task:

    Table 58. Setting Task Properties

    Type of Task



    Enter a fully qualified URL to associate with this task, such as Optionally, select Use Single Sign On to enable users to open a URL for another product that accepts single sign-on (see the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Security Administration Guide). To link to Financial Reporting in the EPM Workspace, single sign-on is not required. Instead, include the ObjectID to link to (see the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace Administrator's Guide).


    For Form Folder, select the folder containing the form associated with this task. For Form, select the form for users to complete.

    Optional: Select Set Page Member Defaults to select the member from each dimension to display as the default when the task is first opened. After you select this option, you can select the members for the page dimensions. The page member defaults apply until a user updates the form and returns to the task in another session. Where page member defaults are set, they override the most recently used settings in each session.

    Business Rule

    For Plan Type, select the plan type associated with the business rule to execute. For Business Rules, select the business rule to execute.


    For Scenario and Version, select the scenario and version users will work in.

  7. Optional: To enter a due date for the task, select Due Date and then select:

    1. The month, day, and year. (You can change the date display format in Planning preferences. See Specifying System Settings.)

    2. The hours, minutes, and AM or PM.

  8. Optional: To send email message for uncompleted tasks, select Due Date, and then:

    1. Select Repeat Every, and enter a value.

    2. Select the frequency for email reminders.

  9. Optional: To send email messages after the alert date and before the due date, select Alert, and then:

    1. Set the date and time to begin sending messages by selecting the month, day, year, hours, minutes, and AM or PM.

    2. In the Alert area, select Repeat Every and enter a value.

    3. Select the frequency for email reminders.

  10. Optional: To make task completion dependent on completing a primary task, select Dependency.

  11. Optional: Click Instructions to enter information that explains how to complete the task.

  12. Click Save and then OK.