Running a Prediction

When you run a prediction, Predictive Planning analyzes historical data for each selected member, and then projects this information into the future to generate predicted results.

  To run a prediction:

  1. Select Predict, Predict button, or press Alt+y, p in Microsoft Excel 2007 or later (Alt+p, p in Microsoft Excel 2003).

  2. Review the Run Confirmation dialog.

    It shows the number of members, the source and range of historical data to include in the prediction, and the predicted date range.

  3. Optional: View or change included members and the historical or predicted date range.

    • By default, all editable members are selected. To change this, click Change and see Selecting Members.

    • By default, predictions are based on all historical data for a series. To select a specific data range for historical or predicted data, click Change and then specify a start and end year and time period.


    For the most accurate predictions, the number of periods of historical data available should be at least twice the number of prediction periods requested. If you have specified more prediction periods, you are prompted to reduce the number.

  4. When the displayed settings are complete, click Run.

  5. Review the Run Summary dialog, if present, and click OK.

Results are displayed in the Predictive Planning panel. By default, the Chart tab is selected (Figure 3, Predictive Planning Panel, Chart Tab with Summary Area).