Production Reporting Execute Dialog Box


The information in this dialog box varies according to the database used.


Report Name

Production Reporting report to open.

  • Click Files to select an Production Reporting report from a drive and directory.

  • Type in the report name.

    When you type in the report name, you must enter the entire path to the report. For example, to open a report titled test.sqr, you could enter:


  • Click the arrow to the right of the field and select a report.

    The reports that are displayed are the reports most recently opened. Up to five reports can be displayed. If you chose to save parameters when you initially saved the report (see Save Parameters below), Production Reporting enters the appropriate information (username, database, report arguments) in the remaining dialog box fields.

    Note: It is possible to have more than one entry with the same report name. For example, assume you run a report titled test.sqr. Assume further that you run the report again, but this time you change the report arguments. In this case, test.sqr will appear in the drop-down list two times.


Database username.


Database user password.

Database (Oracle, DB2, Informix)

Database to log onto. For example:


DataSource (ODBC, DDO)

Datasource to log onto.

Report Arguments

(Optional) Enter any desired report arguments.

Save Parameters

(Optional) Saves the parameters in the dialog box along with the report. When you later open the report, all of the information (with the exception of the password) is displayed in the dialog box. Saving parameters along with a report saves you from having to enter database information and report arguments each time you open a report.