Print Dialog Box

The Print dialog box permits you to create a printer-specific file for an SPF-formatted file using a graphical user interface rather than executing the SPF file from the command line.


File Name

Select or enter an SPF-formatted file. File extensions are ordinarily SPF or Snn.

List Files of Type

Only SPF-formatted files are allowed.


Directory where the file is located.


Drive containing the directory where the file is located.

Generate output for

Select a printer type:

  • SPF Default

  • Line Printer

  • HP LaserJet

  • PostScript

  • HMTL

  • Enhanced HTML

  • Adobe PDF

  • Enhanced HTML and Adobe PDF

  • Windows printer

The default is SPF Default. When you select this option, the generated file has the same printer type as the type specified with DECLARE-PRINTER.

Print to file

Prints to an output file. When you click OK you are prompted to specify where to print the file.