Production Reporting Print Dialog Box

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Print Dialog Box

Print Setup Dialog Box

Production Reporting Command-line Flags

Use Oracle's Hyperion® SQR® Production Reporting Print to create printer‑specific reports for file types supported by Production Reporting. Production Reporting Print converts portable printer‑independent files (SPF) into printer‑specific files. Production Reporting Server and Production Reporting Execute create SPF files when you use the ‑KEEP and -NOLIS command line flags.

*  To run Production Reporting Print:

  1. Start Production Reporting Print using one of the following options:

    • Enter the following information at the command line:

      SQR [spf-file] [flags...]
    • In Windows, select Start, then Programs, then Oracle EPM System, then Reporting and Analysis, then Production Reporting for [database], and then Print.

  2. In the Production Reporting Print dialog box, select File, then Print.

  3. Enter the information in the Print dialog box that appears.


    Production Reporting Print writes a LIS file with the same name as the SPF file, but with the LIS extension.

    The -PRINTER command line flag specifies the printer type. If your report contains graphics and you choose Line Printer, Production Reporting Print ignores graphic elements such as lines, boxes, and charts and prints only text.

*  To display the Print dialog box, select File, then Print.

    *  To display the Print Setup dialog box, select File, then Print Setup.