Opening Reports

*  To open an SPF report in a new window, select File, then Open.

Table 1. Open Report Options


Look in

Drive and directory containing the report.

File Name

Name of the report.

To see a list of files with the SPF extension, enter *.spf. To see all files with the SPF and Snn extension, enter *.s*

Additional SPF files have the extension Snn, where nn is 01, 02, etc. For example, you may have a report named MYREPORT.SPF and a subset of this report named MYREPORT.S01.

Files of Type

Type of files to display. You can only view SPF-formatted files through Production Reporting Viewer.


(Depends on Windows setup) Opens the Connect Network Drive dialog box where you can make a connection to a network drive.

    Table 2. Open Report Shortcuts



    Open file button