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Purpose. 1

Installation Updates. 1

Compatible Software. 1

System Requirements for DIM Adapter for Planning. 1

Known Issues. 1

Tips and Troubleshooting. 2

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This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle Hyperion® Data Integration Management Adapter for Planning. Review this information thoroughly before installing DIM Adapter for Planning.

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Installation Updates

The section includes important information about installing this release of DIM Adapter for Planning.

Compatible Software

This release of DIM Adapter for Planning is compatible with the following software releases:

·        Oracle Hyperion® Data Integration Management Release 11.1.1. and

·        Hyperion Planning – System 9 Release or later, Oracle Hyperion® Planning, Fusion Edition Release 11.1.1,, and 11.1.2

·        Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1 SP3

System Requirements for DIM Adapter for Planning

For System Requirements see the document, Hyperion® Data Integration Management Installation Guide.

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Known Issues

·        The DIM Adapter for Planning does not support partitioning.

·        If the Hyperion Planning server is not running and the Planning adapter attempts a connection, the session log will not display an appropriate error message.

·        When attempting to load dimensions to an Oracle® Enterprise Performance Management Architect, Fusion Edition-deployed Planning application, all records are rejected, but no specific error message appears in the PowerCenter Workflow Monitor. The session log does indicate the dimension update failed to load to a Performance Management Architect Planning application.

·        Design time validation errors will not be reported for mapping of mandatory ports. Runtime exceptions will occur when mandatory ports are not connected for a Planning target.

·        You must specify the source plan type when adding a member under the root that is not valid for Plan 1, or when adding a member that is not valid for the parent's source plan type.

·        When the Sort in Parent/Child Order option is selected for a Planning target, the transformation statistics for the Planning target will not be correct. There will be a message printed in the log with the correct totals, but the load summary will incorrectly indicate zero in all totals for the Planning target.

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Tips and Troubleshooting

If you are working with a Japanese locale, set the server mode to UNICODE.

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Documentation Updates

The most recent version of each Hyperion product guide is available for download from the Documentation area of the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) Web site (http://www.oracle.com/technology/index.html).

Documentation is also available from the Oracle E-Delivery Web site (http://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/WelcomePage/get_form). Please note that individual product guides are available for download on the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) Web site only.

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