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Supported Format and Releases. 1

Supported Releases. 1

Supported Platforms. 2

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This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Release

Supported Format and Releases

Supported Releases

The application has been developed and tested on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 

The following HFM Patch Set Update must be applied:

-      HFM PSU:  (Patch 15850273)

The following Financial Reporting Patch Set Update must be applied:

-      FR PSU: (Patch 13997553)

The following Hyperion Shared Services Patch Set Update must be applied:

-      HSS PSU: (Patch 14020629)

The following Smart View Patch Set Update must be applied:

-      SV PSU: (Patch 14362638)

The following Hyperion Business Intelligence Workspace Patch Set Update must be applied:

-      HSS PSU: (Patch 13936087)

The following Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect Patch Set Update must be applied (Optional Component):

-      HSS PSU: (Patch 14031912)

Supported Platforms

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is supported on the following platforms, which are the same platforms as Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.

·         Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

·         Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)


File List

All files required to build the Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision application are included in this release. Following is the list of the files included in the release package:





Following is the list of files under ApplicationFiles:


-       TaxProv_Profile.per


-   TaxProv_Metadata.xml (Full Sample file in XML format)

- (Full Sample file in APP format)

- (Full Sample file in ADS format for EPMA using local dimensions)

-   TaxProv_Metadata_Tmpl.xml (Template file without any customer-specific hierarchies)

- (Template file without any customer-specific hierarchies for EPMA)


-   TaxProv_MemberLists.lst


-   TaxProv_Rules.rle


-   Current Provision

o  Current Provision National.wdf

o  Current Provision Regional.wdf

o  Tax Credits National.wdf

o  Tax Losses National.wdf

-   Deferred Provision

o  Deferred Tax RF National.wdf

o  Deferred Tax RF Regional.wdf

o  Temporary Differences National.wdf

o  Temporary Differences Regional.wdf

o  VA Allocation.wdf

-   ETR

o  Consolidated ETR Recon.wdf

o  Statutory ETR Recon Nationa.wdf

o  Statutory ETR Recon Regional.wdf

-   Rates

o  Consolidated ETR Tax Rates.wdf

o  Exchange Rates.wdf

o  Tax Rates.wdf

-   Supplemental Schedules

o  Acquisitions National.wdf

o  Acquisitions Regional.wdf

o  Return to Accrual National.wdf

o  Sch Bal Sheet Adjs.wdf

o  Sch Fines Penalties.wdf

o  Tax Basis BS.wdf

o  Validations.wdf

-   Tax Account Rollforward

o  Def Tax for TARF National.wdf

o  Def Tax for TARF Regional.wdf

o  Def Tax for TARF Reclass Nat.wdf

o  Def Tax for TARF Reclass Reg.wdf

o  TARF.wdf

o  TARF_Summary.wdf

o  Linked Forms

§ TARF_AdditionalProvisions.wdf

§ TARF_Adjustments.wdf

§ TARF_PaymentsRefunds.wdf

§ TARF_PaymentsRefunds_NotSparse.wdf

§ TARF_PaymentsRefunds_Regional_NotSparse.wdf

§ TARF_PaymentsRefunds_Regional_Sparse.wdf

§ TARF_ProvisionNonProvision.wdf

§ TARF_Reclass_Regional_Sparse.wdf


-   TaxProv_2011_TaxData.dat

-   TaxProv_2011_TrialBalanceBookData.dat

-   TaxProv_2012_BookAccountTaxData.dat

-   TaxProv_2012_BookData.dat

-   TaxProv_2012_TaxAccountTaxData.dat

-   TaxProv_2012_TrialBalance.dat

-   TaxProv_AcqInput.dat

-   TaxProv_Automation.dat

-   TaxProv_CurrProvAdjs.dat

-   TaxProv_ExchangeRates.dat

-   TaxProv_Rates.dat

-   TaxProv_RTA.dat

-   TaxProv_SupplSch.dat

10 LCM Package




12 FR Reports

-   Acquisitions Regional.des

-   Acquisitions.des

-   CompLogo.roi

-   Consolidated ETR Entities.des

-   Consolidated ETR.des

-   Current Provision Entities.des

-   Current Provision Regional.des

-   Current Provision.des

-   Deferred Tax for TARF Reclass Regional.des

-   Deferred Tax for TARF Reclass.des

-   Deferred Tax for TARF Regional.des

-   Deferred Tax for TARF.des

-   Deferred Tax Regional.des

-   Deferred Tax.des

-   Return to Accrual.des

-   Statutory ETR Regional.des

-   Statutory ETR.des

-   Supplemental Schedule #1 - Fines and Penalties.des

-   Supplemental Schedule #2 - Balance Sheet Approach for Adjustments.des

-   TARF Additional Provisions.des

-   TARF Adjustments.des

-   TARF Payments Refunds Regional.des

-   TARF Payments Refunds.des

-   TARF Provision NonProvision.des

-   TARF Reclass Regional.des

-   TARF Summary.des

-   TARF.des

-   Tax Basis Balance Sheet.des

-   Tax Credits.des

-   Tax Losses.des

-   Tax Rates.des

-   TaxCompanyName.rot

-   TaxCompanyReportTitle.rot

-   TaxCompanyReportTitleEntity.rot

-   TaxDate.rot

-   TaxEntityMemberName.rot

-   TaxHeaderBar.rot

-   TaxPageNumberAndCount.rot

-   TaxPOVLabels.rot

-   TaxPOVLabelsAndValues.rot

-   TaxPOVValues.rot

-   TaxReportDescriptionGrid.rog

-   TaxReportLabel.rot

-   TaxReportName.rot

-   TaxRunByDateTimeLabels.rot

-   TaxRunByDateTimeValues.rot

-   Temporary Differences Regional.des

-   Temporary Differences.des

-   VA Allocation.des

13 Links

-   Entity Properties.xml

-   Jurisdiction Properties.xml

-   Metadata Validations.xml

-   Perm Account Properties.xml       

-   Tax Automation.xml

-   Temp Account Properties.xml

14 Related Content

-   Current Provision RC

o  Current Provision Entities.xml

o  Current Provision.xml

o  Current Provision Regional.xml

o  Tax Credits.xml

o  Tax Losses.xml

-   Deferred Provision RC

o  Deferred Tax.xml

o  Deferred Tax Regional.xml

o  Temporary Differences.xml

o  Temporary Differences Regional.xml

o  VA Allocation.xml

-   ETR RC

o  Consolidated ETR.xml

o  Statutory ETR.xml

o  Statutory ETR Regional.xml

-   Rates RC

o  Consolidated ETR Entities.xml

o  Tax Rates.xml

-   Supplemental Schedules RC

o  Acquisitions.xml

o  Acquisitions Regional.xml

o  Return to Accrual.xml

o  Supplemental Schedule 1 - Fines and Penalties.xml

o  Supplemental Schedule 2 - Balance Sheet Approach for Adjustments.xml

o  Tax Basis Balance Sheet.xml

-   Tax Account Rollforward RC

o  Deferred Tax for TARF Reclass Regional.xml

o  Deferred Tax for TARF Reclass.xml

o  Deferred Tax for TARF Regional.xml

o  Deferred Tax for TARF.xml

o  TARF Additional Provisions.xml

o  TARF Adjustments.xml

o  TARF Payments Refunds Regional.xml

o  TARF Payments Refunds.xml

o  TARF Provision NonProvision.xml

o  TARF Reclass Regional.xml

o  TARF Summary.xml

o  TARF.xml


15 Smart View Templates

-   TaxProv Footnote_SV.xlsx

-   TaxProv Journal Entry_SV.xlsx

Following are the list of files under CustomUI:


-      TaxProvApplication.ear


-      logging.xml (to enable logging for troubleshooting custom screens code)


Following are the files under Documentation:

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Implementation and Administrator’s Guide.pdf

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision User Guide.pdf


Known Issues

The following issues are the noteworthy known issues of this release.

·         16237080 – Tax Automation Custom Screen: Moving a rule overwrites other rules

When tax automation rules are moved up/down without waiting for the refresh to complete, you may occasionally notice the contents of one rule being copied to the other. It is recommended to wait for the screen to refresh while performing any changes on the screen.

·         16237490 – Custom screens do not refresh after timeout

If the Custom Screens are opened for a prolonged period of time and you attempt to use the screen, this message displays: "Because of inactivity, your session has timed out. Click OK to reload the page."  If you press OK, the page does not reload. You must close the custom screen and then reopen it.

·         16244846 – Tax Automation Screen: Implement method for copying rules to other POVs

The Tax Automation Screen currently has no mechanism for copying existing rules from one period to another. You can use the Copy Data feature of Database Management to copy data from entity [None], and all Tax Accounts from one POV to another.

·         16237210 – Tax Automation Custom Screen: Last account in table appears to be deleted

If you select the last row in the Tax Automation Custom screen and select Delete, the entire row (including the account) appears to be deleted from the table. If you press Refresh, the row reappears. This behavior is observed only in Firefox version 10.

·         16276737 – Report Fines & Penalties: Read-only cell with data suppression

On Fines & Penalties Schedule you will see the first column total as invalid cell. The data is not displayed on the Reports. To fix this, change the RollForwardTopMember property of FinesAndPenalties to AdditionalMembers.

·         16277704 – Tax Automation Screen: Double-click twice on blank field displays error

On the Tax Automation screen, if you double click on a blank field (Entity, for example) prior to selecting Logic, the member selector doesn't display. If you double click again, an error occurs.  To fix this, close the Tax Automation tab and re-open the tab. Select the Logic column before selecting any members.

·         16278499 – Incorrect account displays on linked form in TARF report

On the TARF report, if you click on a link to Reclass Regional rows, the system does not pick up the correct account. It is populating the account with TARFPaymentsCY instead of TARFAdjustmentsDeferredIS.  To fix this, change the account member in the POV to TARFAdjustmentsDeferredIS.

Installing the Software


Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision requires Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Release  Optionally, other components of Oracle EPM System such as Oracle Financial Data Quality Management and Oracle Financial Close Management can be used as necessary.


Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is released with files required for creating an Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Application. Some of the data required to build the HFM application should be customized. Using an unzip tool such as Winzip or 7-zip, extract all the contents of the software package into a user directory of your choice. Consult the Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Implementation and Administrator’s Guide.pdf for further assistance.

Deploying Custom UI ear files

Consult the Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Implementation and Administrator’s Guide for detailed steps to deploy the .ear file to application server.  This step is necessary in order to view the UI for Hyperion Tax Provision.

Copy the .ear file to the same location on all servers where HFM Web is installed and configured, and additionally to the server where WebLogic Admin Console will be running.  Typically this is the server where Hyperion Shared Services and Web Proxy such as Oracle Http Server or Microsoft Internet Information Services will be running.


Troubleshooting Calculations

To troubleshoot calculations, there are options to enable detail logging for individual sections of the code.  To enable logging, set the constant variables which start with DEBUG_ON_XXXX (where XXXX is the component or area) to True.  Load the files after that and then perform the desired calculation.  Details of calculations are logged in C:\Temp\DebugLogs in a file named <Application_Name>_RLE_Debug.log.

Troubleshooting Custom UI screens

To enable logging from custom logging screens, merge the content of the logging.xml from the zip file with logging.xml of the WebLogic server to which custom screens are deployed.  Typically, WebLogic servers will be EPMServerX or HFMWebX, where X is a numeric digit.  The logging.xml for the server can be typically found in %EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\user_projects\domains\<Domain>\config\fmwconfig\servers\<WLServer> directory.  There are two sections in the logging xml:  log_handler and logger.  Both snippets of xml must be merged to the correct parent xml tag.


For guidance on implementing and using Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision, please refer to the Implementation Guide (Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Implementation and Admin Guide.pdf) and the User Guide (Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision User Guide.pdf).

Periodic updates to the documentation for Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision will be available for downloading or viewing from the EPM System Documentation area of the OTN Web site (

More Information

For more information about Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, please see the relevant product documentation.



Copyright (c) 2013, Oracle and / or its affiliates. All rights reserved.