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Table of Contents:


New Features

Installation Information

Information for 64-Bit Microsoft Office Installations

Supported Platforms

Supported Languages

Supported Paths to this Release

Defects Fixed in this Release

Known Issues

Documentation Updates

Accessibility Considerations


This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office. Review this Readme thoroughly before installing Smart View.

New Features

See the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office New Features. For new features relating to installation, architecture, and deployment changes in this release, see "New Features" in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme.

Deprecated Features

The VBA function HypMenuVVisualizeinHVE is deprecated in this release.

Installation Information

Late-breaking information about installation of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System products is provided in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme. Review this information thoroughly before installing EPM System products.

Information for 64-Bit Microsoft Office Installations

In this release, Smart View supports the 64-bit version on Microsoft Office. If you use 64-bit Office, please note the following:

  • Oracle provides separate Smart View installation files for 64-bit and 32-bit Office systems. The file for 64-bit Office installations is smartview-x64.exe; the file for 32-bit Office installations is smartview.exe.

  • The 64-bit version of Smart View pertains only to the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office and not to the version of the operating system. Customers with 64-bit operating systems and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office should install the 32-bit version of Smart View.

  • In VBA functions, you must modify function declarations to include PtrSafe after the Declare keyword; For example, change Public Declare Function HypMenuVAbout Lib "HsAddin" () As Long to Public Declare PtrSafe Function HypMenuVAbout Lib "HsAddin" () As Long. This is noted in the smartview.bas file that is included in 64-bit installations.

  • You cannot install the 64-bit version of Smart View from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace (13530466).

  • Although Oracle Hyperion Planning Offline is supported for 64-bit operating systems, it is not supported for 64-bit Smart View installations. If you use Planning Offline with Smart View, you must use the 32-bit version of Smart View and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office.

Supported Platforms

Information about system requirements and supported platforms for EPM System products is available in a spreadsheet format in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), listed in the Oracle Business Intelligence product area:

Supported Languages

Information about supported languages for EPM System products is available in a spreadsheet format on the Translation Support tab in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on OTN, listed in the Oracle Business Intelligence product area:

Supported Paths to this Release

You can upgrade to EPM System Release from the following releases:

Note: For instructions to upgrade, see the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide, "Upgrading EPM System Products."

Table 1. Supported Paths to this Release

Release Upgrade Path FromTo



A release earlier than Release 9.3.3.x

Defects Fixed in this Release

If you are coming from Release or, use the Defects Fixed Finder tool to review the list of defects fixed between those releases and Release This tool is available here:


  • 7003478 — Whether member names or aliases are returned by the VBA function HypFindMember cannot be specified when HypFindMember is written. This issue is fixed with the VBA function HypGetMemberInformation.

  • 11696583 — On Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7 operating systems, Excel may terminate abruptly upon launching after you install Smart View.

  • 13072925 — When the default alias table is selected, dimension members are not displayed in the Member Selection dialog box.

  • 13073660 — Because of a Windows 7 security limitation, if you use Windows 7, you must select "Run as an Administrator" on the Smart View installation wizard. Otherwise, Smart View will not be installed properly.

  • 13077188 — It is not documented how to edit Smart Slice charts. In this release, Smart Slice charts are native Microsoft charts, so you can edit them as described in Microsoft documentation.

  • 13524844 — If you select Replace All in Excel 2003, a “Smart View handled an unknown exception thrown by Microsoft Office” error may be returned.

  • 13620237 — Any Smart View user authorized to use the system can add or remove server nodes from the Smart View Panel.


  • 9166462 — If you edit a data cell and then edit a comment cell, the message “Do you want to submit the modified data cells before proceeding?” is displayed. When you select Yes or No, the comment you just edited disappears.

  • 11078053 — Tables inserted from the Report Designer into Microsoft Word may not work properly.

  • 12909636 — The POV toolbar may disappear after you refresh a saved worksheet.

  • 12917562 — You cannot use the POV Manager to create a starting point.

  • 12962636 — If you select both Retain Numeric Formatting and Use Excel Formatting options, formatting may be lost in ad hoc operations.

  • 13003846 — Shared connection session remain open in Oracle Essbase and Oracle Hyperion Provider Services after a user exits Excel, causing further log-out requests to fail.

  • 13482130 — Smart View does not work with the Oracle 11g Driver 11.2.x on Windows 7.

  • 13582299 — When you save a POV to a worksheet and refresh the grid, the POV is not updated with the changes made in POV Manager.

  • 13605813 — Data retrieval against ASO databases takes longer than expected.

  • 13641968 — Values in cells that contain formulas may not be updated when you refresh the grid.

  • 13634473, 13629354 — Suppressing #MISSING and #INVALID cells does not work if attribute members are present on the worksheet.

  • 13688777, 13641798 — Member names that consist of multiple zeroes, for example, 000 or 00000, are converted to a single zero 0 when the grid is refreshed.

  • 12738144 — If you switch the alias table to German, you may get an error.


  • 10333871 — In Arabic versions of Smart View, error messages may be displayed in English. This happens because EPM Workspace does not support Arabic in this release.

  • 11924277 — In Turkish installations, precision settings do not work.

  • 12430404 — Task list instructions are displayed incorrectly when the task list is opened in Smart View.

  • 12600561, 13581578 — When you launch Manage Approvals in Smart View and attempt to refresh the list of planning units that are started, you receive an “Invalid XML request” error. This happens only when you are connected to Planning

  • 12774724 — When you try to print or print preview a Planning form in Smart View, you may receive this error: “Unable to set the CenterHeader property of the PageSetup class”.

  • 12940002 — In Planning, runtime prompt variable fields may be left blank, but in Smart View, an empty field prevents the business rule from launching.

  • 13114311 — The data type Date should default to the current date but instead defaults to December, 30, 1899.

  • 13586360 — When you try to open a form in Smart View, you may get this error message: “Web launch operation has been cancelled.

  • 13782744 — In Excel 2010 workbooks that contain multiple protected worksheets, you may be prompted to enter passwords for each protected worksheet.

Financial Management

  • 12799724 — If you try to open a linked form that is already open, you may get an error.

  • 13015656 — Microsoft smart tags do not behave as expected in Office 2010.

  • 13693076 — When you use the HsGetText function, cell text information is retrieved for cells that contain no cell text.

  • 13567557 — In Excel 2010, you may encounter serious performance issues when you open and refresh worksheets in .xlsx files.

  • 13635232 — In Excel files that contain custom properties, using Refresh All may result in serious performance issues. Workaround: Use Refresh to refresh worksheets one at a time.

Reporting and Analysis

  • 9356634 — In EPM Workspace, reports imported into Smart View in query-ready mode overwrite any open Excel worksheets on your computer.

  • 10330869 — Because Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting is not available in Arabic or Norwegian in this release, the Import Workspace Document wizard is displayed in English in place of these languages.

  • 10378817 — When you import a Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis document into Smart View, only the first 65,000 rows are displayed.

  • 11688307 — If different languages are set for Smart View and the browser, you may get an error when you import a Reporting and Analysis report into Smart View.

  • 12880686, 12921841 — You may receive an “Error accessing import data”message when you try to import a Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis report into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

  • 13361082 — In Excel 2010, when you import Financial Reporting reports with multiple selected members, multiple workbooks rather than multiple worksheets are created.

  • 13618128 — You cannot import a Financial Reporting document into Excel using a shared connection if Smart View and Internet Explorer languages are set to Russian.

  • 13705403 — In Smart View, when you try to import reports into Word using “Function Grid,” you may receive this error: “String parameter is too long.

Financial Close Management

  • 11687672 — Tasks are opened in the language selected for the browser rather than the language selected for Smart View.

Known Issues

The following are the noteworthy known issues of this release.


  • 6566082 — In data cells, percentage values are displayed differently upon submission depending on whether they are entered directly or as a formula. This happens because Excel formulas overwrite entered data. Workaround: Enter the number preceded by an equal sign, for example, =2.

  • 6568645 — In PowerPoint, you may not be able to access Smart View functions through Microsoft smart tags. Workaround: Retype “smartview” (the Smart View smart tag) to cause PowerPoint to reload the smart tag.

  • 6576419 — When installing on Vista, you are not prompted for administrator privileges at the beginning of installation as expected. Instead, you get an error message during installation that you do not have sufficient privileges. Workaround: right-click smartview.exe and select Run as administrator. You will then be prompted to supply administrator credentials

  • 6579310 — When you open a saved free form workbook and change the Member Name Only or Member Name and Description setting in the Options dialog box before refreshing, the member display options do not work. Workaround: refresh the grid before entering Member Name Only or Member Name and Description.

  • 6909914 — Because of a Microsoft Word limitation, if the value of the system-defined option "List separator" is set to one of the regular expression anchor characters (including but not limited to "^" and "$"), Word might fail to insert fields of type "Formula," which will cause failure of copy and paste. Workaround: Go to Control Panel, then Regional and Language, then Options, then Standards and Formats, then Customize, and then Numbers, and change the list separator option.

  • 7408376 — Replacement labels for missing data and other preferences specified in the Smart Slice Options dialog box during Smart Slice creation are not applied to function grids based on the Smart Slice. Instead, the options specified by Smart View users in the Options dialog box are applied to function grids.

  • 7432260 — You cannot resize columns in table reports. Workaround: This is expected behavior; to enable column resizing, do the following:

    1. Insert a table on the grid and refresh.

    2. Enter Excel Design Mode (available from the Excel Developer ribbon or Visual Basic toolbar).

    3. Right-click the table and select Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 11.0 Object > Command and Options

    4. From the Properties dialog box, select the Protection tab, then select Resize Columns.

    5. Select the Sheet tab, then select Column Headers.

    6. Click OK.

  • 7447990 — Unlike EPM Workspace, the Smart View Panel does not display hidden files or files with duplicate names. Therefore, file counts may differ between Workspace and Smart View.

  • 7524675 — Do not change the file extension when you save an Excel workbook with the Get function that has been retrieved through simulation workbooks in the Smart View Panel.

  • 8312407 — If you open a workbook in Excel 2003 that was previously saved in Excel 2007 as an .xlsx file, you may get an error message. This is a Microsoft issue. Workaround: Save the file in Excel 2007 with an .xls extension; it will then open properly in Excel 2003.

  • 9798801, 8839088, 7634745 — Do not uninstall this version of Smart View and then install a previous version of Smart View. If you must, then delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Hyperion.CommonAddin.

  • 9032135 — Sheet names may be truncated if they are longer than 31 characters; this is an Excel limitation.

  • 9083246 — When you try to close Excel, it may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue. Ensure that you save your work before closing Excel.

  • 9283525 — To use Outlook with Smart View, Visual Basic Scripting Support must be installed and Run From My Computer must be selected in Outlook. See Outlook product documentation for information.

  • 9315130 — Microsoft security update KB969604 for Office 2007 breaks Smart View functionality in Word. See Microsoft documentation for information about fixing this problem.

  • 9439925 — In Microsoft Word, slider controls may be resized in reports created in the Report Designer.

  • 9477466 — When you perform drill-through from an Oracle Essbase Studio-sourced cube to FDM, if the EPM System Single Sign-On (SSO) token expires before the sessions of all products involved expires (Workspace, Provider Services, Essbase, Essbase Studio, FDM), the following message is displayed: “Error: An error occurred logging on to the system using single sign-on. Please contact your administrator. Error: 2067 - You do not have access to the application!” Workaround: Log in again to EPM Workspace from Smart View.

  • 9691355 — When you delete a worksheet that containing a reporting object from the Report Designer, Excel may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue.

  • 10046845 — Sliders in Smart Slice reports do not display properly after the report is closed and reopened. This happens because of a Microsoft security setting for ActiveX controls and OLE objects in Office 2003 and 2007. See the Microsoft support site for information about working around this issue.

  • 10086585 — In Excel 2003, if you dock the POV to the right or to the left, the POV dimensions disappear, and only the refresh button remains.

  • 10159874 —If you launch Excel after having installed Smart View, started Excel with Smart View loaded, and then uninstalled Smart View, the following warning dialog is displayed: “D:\Oracle\SmartView\Bin\HsTbar.xla' could not be found. Check the spelling of the file name, and verify that the file location is correct. If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted.

  • 11068363 —It may take more than one attempt to log into the Workspace server for Crystal Ball.

  • 11659670 — Interfaces in Arabic versions of Smart View may contain layout, alignment, and other display issues.

  • 11683285 — When you upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 to 7 or 8, the default timeout is reduced from 3 minutes to 30 seconds. This setting is leveraged by Smart View and may cause timeout issues on long-running queries. Workaround: Increase the default keep-alive time-out value in Internet Explorer as described on the Microsoft support site.

  • 11934177 — If Excel transition options are enabled, many Excel functions, including copy/paste and automation API calls, do not work. This is a Microsoft limitation.

  • 12569072 — Excel macros may not work after Smart View is installed. Workaround: From the Advanced page of Smart View Options, select Improve Metadata Storage.

  • 12601370 — Saved queries cannot be refreshed when the workbook file is opened.

  • 13497798 — In Smart Query, no results may be returned when you use an equal sign (=) in a filter definition based on value. This happens if the decimal places displayed for numbers in Excel in Smart View is different from that set in Essbase for the connection. Workaround: Use the same “decimal places displayed for numbers” setting in both Excel and Essbase.

  • 13837001 — You may encounter the following issues in Office 2007:

    • When you open a Smart Slice from Smart View version in the current release: (1) You cannot zoom in or out on tables. (2) Data is not updated in tables when you select a new member from the POV or slider report controls.

    • When you insert a POV report control, you must click the design Mode button twice; otherwise the POV may not display properly.

  • 13867949 — When you click Cancel in the Connect to Data Source dialog box, Excel may terminate abruptly. Workaround: Do the following:

    1. Reopen the Excel spreadsheet.

    2. From the Smart View ribbon, select Sheet Info.

    3. From Sheet Information, select Delete, and then Delete Worksheet Metedata.


  • 8763144 — In the Query Designer, Smart View generates a syntax error when you perform a descendants or top/bottom query on a member whose name contains a dot (.).

  • 6573303 — Calculation scripts that run from Essbase may not run from Smart View. This can happen if you have restricted calculation access in Smart View. Calculation scripts are run against the connected database.

  • 7111403 — When you perform an Undo, only the previously selected POV is saved, and recently selected members are removed. Workaround: instead of using Undo, use Pivot to POV, which will replace all members on that dimension to the POV.

  • 8305216 — When you perform Smart View operations in a Smart Slice and refresh, you may get an Assertion Failed error message if you try to close Excel by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The message is harmless; you can click OK to close it.

  • 8494250 — When you try to use Find in the Member Select dialog box, Excel may perform excessively slowly or freeze of the dimension contains more than approximately 100,000 members.

  • 10097094 —If you use merged cells, you may encounter the following issues:

    • When there are merged cells in a row dimension, proper merging is not maintained when you zoom in on the top cell of the innermost row dimension.

    • When you use the Formula/Format Fill option with merged cells in a row dimension, Formula/Format Fill does not fill cells properly when you zoom in on the innermost row dimension.

  • 12330977 — The POV must contain more than one dimension. If there is only one dimension on the POV, it will be pivoted to the grid when you refresh.

  • 12810510 — The Function Builder cannot distinguish among substitution variables with the same name.

  • 12810826— If you use Internet Explorer, drilling to General Ledger always opens a new window. This happens even if tabbed browsing is specified in Internet Explorer settings.

  • 12884154 — When you select Pivot from the Essbase ribbon to pivot a row member, the member is moved instead to the POV toolbar.

  • 12890030 — If you change alias tables, members that you drag from the POV toolbar to the grid may be lost.

  • 12879435 — A member name in the grid may be displayed as its alias instead of as its name in the Query Designer. However, despite the inconsistent names, the query will execute properly.

  • 12903872 —When you change the alias table, the correct aliases may not be displayed for all members in the POV toolbar.

  • 12913962 — When you associate a connection to an ad hoc worksheet using Set Active Connection, members may disappear from the the worksheet when you refresh. Workaround: Instead of associating a connection, perform direct ad hoc analysis on the worksheet.

  • 12928916 — Numerical values entered into cells that are outside the grid may be lost upon refreshing

  • 13452698 — When you use the HsGetValue function, refreshing the current worksheet refreshes other worksheets in the workbook with incorrect values. This happens when automatic calculation for formulas is selected in Excel.

  • 13438966 — If you add members in a column left of a column of blank cells, the new members may be lost after you refresh. This happens because the blank cells are not valid intersections.

  • 13516151 — When you zoom in on the uppermost dimension in a column that contains more than one dimension, children are displayed with blank columns in between. This happens when Preserve Formulas and Comments in Ad Hoc Operations is selected in the Member Options page of the Options dialog box. Workaround: Do not select Preserve Formulas and Comments in Ad Hoc Operations.

  • 13657620 — Essbase: If you are connected to an earlier version of Essbase, custom members that you create using Smart Query may not be applied when you switch from a Smart Query worksheet to ad hoc analysis.

  • 13729593 — When you use Firefox 9.x or 10.x, data may not be displayed in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications landing page when you drill through from Smart View. Workaround: Go to the Add-ons menu in FireFox and ensure that the Smart View extension is enabled.

  • 13737573 — Member names that contain a hash mark (#) may cause errors. Workaround: Do not use hash marks in member names.

  • 13770097 — In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, the POV control in Smart Slices may not display properly. This happens when you are connected to more than one monitor.

  • 13796543 — Smart View does not support dual- monitor operation.

  • 13801866 — In Spanish and German versions of Excel 2003, Smart Query sheets cannot be opened by selecting New Smart Query Sheet. Workaround: Open the Smart Query panel from the Home button on the Smart View Panel.


  • 6533549 — The summary time period may be marked as a dirty cell, even if it should not be.

  • 6549255 — If a member cell contains a formula that calculates the value for a summary time period, that cell should be locked, but instead, Smart View may mark it as dirty if the data for the member is modified.

  • 7462718 — If you have cascaded a report created from a new Smart Slice containing at least one function grid and a control (slider or POV) across an Excel workbook, Excel may terminate abruptly if you choose not to save the cascaded report.

  • 7492465 — Smart View does not permit the use of #Missing in Calc Manager rules, even if the variable is set to permit #Missing.

  • 7641072 — In data forms previously saved in an Excel workbook, expanding a member may result in data that is incorrectly displayed as zero or No Access. Workaround: To display the correct data, refresh the worksheet or submit data

  • 9261943 — Tasks imported into Outlook via Smart View can cause errors if Outlook is configured for Oracle Beehive. Workaround: In Outlook Send/Receive settings, select None for the Task List folder. See the Outlook documentation for information.

  • 9414544 — When you are connected to a Planning provider through shared connections and try to add a server via Provider Services, you may get the following error message: “Check if the Server/URL you provided is correct and if the server is up and running." This is an SSL certificate issue. In the enterprise SSL offloading setup, connections from Provider Services to Planning must be HTTP and not HTTPS.

  • 9440181 — Read-only Dynamic Calc cells may be displayed incorrectly as writable in offline data forms with the suppress missing option set to true.

  • 9445303 — The Offline wizard continues to be displayed in English when you change to a different language in Smart View.

  • 9445722 — Planning servers added via Add new server from the Smart View Panel are not displayed in the Smart View Panel in Outlook.

  • 9455001, 9481367 — If Suppress Rows is enabled in the Planning data form, new rows of data created in offline mode by means of a business rule are not saved when you synchronize back to the server.

  • 9458911 — If you try to launch Smart View from Planning on Windows 7 or Vista, you receive an error: "Invoke method could not..." This happens when you are using Internet Explorer in protected mode. Workaround: Disable protected mode as described in Microsoft documentation.

  • 9481405 — If the option Keep data changes made in offline mode is unselected, then any changes made in an offline data form should be overwritten with data from the Planning web when you refresh. However, if the suppress missing rows option is selected for the data from, these changes are retained when you refresh.

  • 9783131 — When you open a 2003 Excel spreadsheet from the File menu, the spreadsheet flickers and you cannot copy and paste data from one worksheet to another. This happens when one or both of the Lotus compatibility setting - Transition formula evaluation and Transition formula entry are enabled in Excel. Workaround: Disable both settings. The following macro disables these settings on all worksheets.

    Public Sub SVSubmitAllSheets() 
         Dim wk1, wk 
         Set wk1 = ActiveSheet 
         For Each wk In Sheets 
             wk.TransitionExpEval = False 
             wk.TransitionFormEntry = False 
        Next wk 
    End Sub
  • 10086585 — In Excel 2003, if the POV is docked to the right or left, the POV dimensions are not displayed. This is a Microsoft limitation.

  • 10225866 — In the Outlook 2007 shortcut menu for tasks, the Assign Task and Mark Complete items may work only intermittently.

  • 10225958 — Closing the Smart View Panel in Outlook may take a long time after you open a task from a large task list. The reason is that task lists are always refreshed upon closing, and the time needed to refresh depends, in part, on the number of tasks in the task list.

  • 10379821 — Smart View cannot be connected to Planning through Provider Services in this release. You can connect to Planning directly.

  • 11898135 — Data forms fail to open if you are using Planning with this release of Smart View.

  • 11935907 — When you try to open a Planning web form in Smart View through WorkspaceEPM Workspace, you may get this error: “Web launch operation has been cancelled.” This happens if EssbaseOracle Essbase has not been added as a server in Shared Connections. Workaround: Open the Smart View Panel and add an Essbase server as described in the online help or "Adding Essbase Servers" in chapter 2 of the Smart View User's Guide.

  • 12352242, 12861501 — You may not be able to launch a web form in Smart View in Firefox 4.0 or 5.01.

  • 12775474 — If other add-ins besides Smart View are enabled for Excel, forms, especially larger ones, may take a long time to open. This does not happen if the other add-ins are disabled.

  • 12877317 — If you connect to Planning through Oracle Hyperion Provider Services in Release or later, ad hoc analysis, the Query Designer, and copy/paste functionality is not available. Workaround: Connect directly to Oracle Hyperion Planning.

  • 13780678 - Member names that contain tab spaces may not be displayed in search results from the POV.

Financial Management

  • 7608591 — In German operating systems, multiple zeroes may be incorrectly appended to numbers that are entered into the Cell Text field. For example, 15 may become 1500000. To avoid this problem, precede numbers that you enter into Cell Text with a single quotation mark, for example, ‘15.

  • 9296160 — POV controls inserted into a report may be disabled when you close and reopen the document containing the report. This happens when ActiveX controls are disabled. Workaround: Enable ActiveX controls in Microsoft Office.

  • 9382988 — In the Customize Field dialog box, shortcut keys do not work. Workaround: To navigate fields in this dialog box, use the tab key.

  • 11741227 — Oracle Hyperion Financial Management applications with Entity member names that have only one letter (for example, EastRegion.A) produce errors and you will not be able to use the application or perform other operations. Ensure that your Entity member names have more than one letter.

  • 12914817 — For applications that contain a large number of dimensions, the Member Selection dialog box may not be available when the POV is docked just below the toolbar. This happens only in Excel 2003. Workaround: Upgrade to Excel 2007 or later.

  • 13524210 — The VBA function HypGetMembers returns both member name and description; it should return only the description.

Reporting and Analysis

  • 6575786 — Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Web Analysis report are imported sequentially. Workaround: Use All Pages to import multiple pages of a report.

  • 6908330 — Reporting and Analysis documents are not displayed in Import Workspace Document Folder Tree if EPM Workspace is under WebSeal and configured for a context path (http://<server>:<port>/<context path>/workspace) other than the default (http://<server>:<port>/workspace).

  • 6940642 — Filters are not updated in POV toolbar after you edit them; however, data is changed successfully.

  • 7674839 — When you import a Financial Reporting report into Smart View and refresh, the worksheet becomes solid black, except for the cells imported from Financial Reporting . Workaround: From the Excel Tools menu, select Options. On the Color tab, click Reset and then OK.

  • 8443524 — If you have an open Excel document when you export a Financial Reporting report in query-ready mode to Excel, the open Excel document will be overwritten without warning. Workaround: save and close any Excel documents before exporting.

  • 9743859 — Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis reports imported from EPM Workspace to PowerPoint 2010 do not open correctly. Workaround: Save the report file as an .html file. Then open directly in PowerPoint; do not try to import from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace. This issue does not apply to versions of PowerPoint other than 2010.

  • 12564498 — When you export an Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting report from Internet Explorer into Smart View, the Smart View ribbon disappears in Excel. Workaround: Open Excel before exporting from Internet Explorer.

  • 12870087 — Autodeployment does not work for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis.

  • 13704460 — You may receive an error if you try to import a Financial Reporting report into Microsoft Word.

  • 13821755 — If a report contains hidden columns, then the metadata sent by Financial Reporting to Smart View will be incorrect.

  • 13865967 — Financial Reporting reports in Word may not fit in the page if you select Print Layout in Word.

  • 13870482 — In Word, when you reopen a saved Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting function grid and refresh, a new “NEED_REFRESH” column is incorrectly added next to each header.

Hyperion Enterprise

  • 13571266 — On Windows XP, the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise® migration utility may fail to load. Workaround: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), available from the Microsift website.

  • 13606492 — In 64-bit versions of Excel 2010 SP1, the presence of Smart View functions may cause Excel to terminate abruptly and may prevent Copy Data Point and Paste Data Point functions from working. This is a Microsoft issue.

Financial Data Quality Management

  • 8725279 — Financial Data Quality Management does not support alias tables for Essbase drill-through.

Documentation Updates

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Individual product guides are available for download on the Oracle Technology Network Web site only.

Copying and Pasting Code Snippets from PDFs

When you cut and paste code snippets from a PDF file, some characters can be lost during the paste operation, making the code snippet invalid. Workaround: Cut and paste from the HTML version of the document.

Corrections to User's Guide and Online Help

  • In the non-English versions of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide and online help, the section “Zooming and Formatting” in chapter 5, “Ad Hoc Analysis”is incorrect. Instead of the information given there, use the new option Move Formatting on Operations, as described in “Formatting Options” in chapter 14, “Smart View Options.

  • 13775220 — The VBA Return Values table in chapter 16, “VBA Functions” is incomplete. See the “Enumeration of Smart View Error Codes” in the smartview.bas file, located by default in EPM_ORACLE_HOME/smartview/bin folder.

  • 13796353 — Reserved characters to be documented: If you use Smart View cell functions, then do not use the hash mark (#) or the semicolon (;) in member names, dimension names, or variable names. These characters are reserved for delimiters in Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office cell functions.

Accessibility Considerations

It is our goal to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible to the disabled community.Family products support accessibility features, which are described in the product's Accessibility Guide. The most up-to-date version of this guide can be found in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library on the Oracle Technology Network (

In addition, this Readme file is accessible in HTML format.