Selecting Period-to-Date Members

Data source types: Essbase

In time dimensions, you can set up period-to-date members, called Dynamic Time Series members. For example, to see year-to-date data at the end of August, you can set up a Dynamic Time Series member that includes data for January through August.

  To select a Dynamic Time Series member:

  1. Select a time dimension on the grid, and then open Member Selection as described in Selecting Members From the Member Selector.

  2. Click Member Selection View button and select Dynamic Time Series to display available Time Series Members in the member tree list.

  3. Select a time series member from the member tree list and click Member Selection Add button.

  4. From Select DTS Member, select the latest period on which to base the to-date calculation; for example, Aug.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Optional: Repeat step 3 through step 5 as necessary to add other Dynamic Time Series members.

  7. click OK.

    The Time Series Member is displayed on the grid as, in this example, Y-T-D(Aug). After you refresh, the year-to-date data through August is displayed.