Advanced Member Selection

In dimensions with large member sets, users can define selections by using the Dimension Browser right-click menu. Right-clicking member names enables selection by familial relationship and data-source-specific options.

Table 13. Dimension Browser Right-Click Menu 





Select Member

Selects the currently member

Select children icon

Also Select Children

Selects the current member and its children

Select Descendants icon

Also Select Descendants

Selects the current member and its descendants

Select Parent icon

Select Parent

Selects the parent of the current member

Select Ancestors icon

Also Select Ancestors

Selects the current member and its ancestors

Select Siblings icon

Also Select Siblings

Selects the current member and members on its level and of its parent.

Select Dim Bottom icon

Select Dim Bottom

Selects lowest-level members

Select Dim Top icon

Select Dim Top

Selects the highest ancestor

Select Level icon

Also Select Level

Selects the current member and all members on its level

Select Generation icon

Also Select Generation

Selects the current member and all members of its generation

Select Previous icon

Also Select Previous

Displays the Previous Selection dialog box, typically used to select previous members at the current level

Select Subset icon

Also Select Subset

Displays the Subset dialog box, used to select an Analytic Services member subset.

No Icon

Substitution Variables

Displays the Substitution Variables dialog box, used to set a substitution variable as the dimension selection

No Icon

User Defined Fields

When Financial Management is used as a data source, displays the User Defined Fields dialog box, in which you can specify one of three pre-defined attribute values, select members featuring the specified attribute values, and compose compound selection statements with AND and OR

No Icon

Dynamic Time Series

Displays the Analytic Services Dynamic Time Series menu (for example: History To Date, Quarter To Date)

No Icon


Displays the Search dialog box, in which you use search criteria to locate members of large dimensions (adds found members to the Selection list)

No Icon

Find In Tree

Locates members in large dimensions; expands the dimension hierarchy but does not add found members to the Selection list