Managing Analysis Tools

You can leverage tools, advanced-analytical-formatting and data-source-specific, from the EPM Workspace. Analysis tools expedite comparisons, visually organize data, and promote structures and conclusions.

Analysis tools are data-source-specific; not all tools are available in all data objects.

Analysis tools are centrally organized and applied by Analysis Tools Manager, accessed using the data-object, right-click menu. Analysis Tools Manager features an Ordered By panel, which shows the number and order of tool definitions activated on the current data object.

You can create analysis tools, using the data-object, right-click menu.

Table 25. Analysis Tools   



Traffic Lighting

Displays the Traffic Lighting dialog box, used to color-code member values based on fixed limits or value comparison

Traffic Lighting visually associates member values, whether or not they are sorted or ranked.


Displays the Sorting dialog box, used to order the query result set

Retrieve Only Top/Bottom

Displays the Retrieve Only Top/Bottom dialog box, used to limit and rank the query result set

Restrict Data

Displays the Restrict Data dialog box, used to restrict the query result set based on criteria


Displays the Calculations dialog box, used to create calculated rows and columns

Show/Hide Only

Displays the Show/Hide dialog box, used to filter data by color, value, and member

Data Formatting

Displays the Data Formatting dialog box, used to format data values based on member or value criteria