Opening Presentations

Options for opening presentations:

  To open a presentation, using the Open dialog box:

  1. Perform an action:

    • Select File , then Open , then Document.

    • Select the open button.

      The Open dialog box displays. It lists current folder content, as specified by Look in.

    • Right click the document and Select Open As

      • Click HTML to open the document in an HTML editor.

      • Click Web Analysis Studio to open the document in Web Analysis Studio.

  2. Optional: From Type, select All Files or Hyperion , then Presentation.

  3. Navigate to the presentation:

    • From Look In, select a location from the drop down list.

    • Click the Go Up A Level button to display the contents of the parent folder in the selection frame.

      As you navigate, the selection frame lists the files and folders indicated by the Files of Type list.

  4. Select the presentation.

  5. Click OK.

    If the first presentation document uses a database connection requiring log on, the Database Login dialog box is displayed.

  6. If prompted by the Database Login dialog, enter a valid user name and password, select Save User ID and Password, and click OK.

    The selected presentation (and any other selections) display as content tabs below the content area. The first presentation document is opened and displayed as the current document.