Traffic Lighting

The Traffic Lighting analysis tool color-codes data cells. You can base color-coding on two-member comparisons or single-member fixed limits. Colors graphically associate member values, whether or not they are sorted or ranked. Traffic Lighting definitions are created in the Traffic Lighting dialog box and maintained as the document is pivoted and changed.

The Information panel displays the Traffic Lighting definitions that color-code the current data object.

Table 27. Traffic Lighting Dialog Box 



Create Criteria


Apply Traffic Lighting To

Specifies the dimension to which traffic lighting is applied

Comparing It To

Specifies the dimension to which the preceding dimension is compared

Assign Limits

Specifies the interval, set point, and color parameters that compose the traffic lighting definition

% Differences

Indicates that color-coding is based on the percent difference between compared members. If not enabled, color-coding is based on value difference.

Enable Financial Intelligence

Enables Hyperion data sources to treat expenses and liabilities as negative values. Works with % Differences to reflect variance and variance percent calculations for the Traffic Lighting dialog box.


Aggregates or separates member combinations


Applies the definition to the document