The Sorting analysis tool orders dimensions of the query result set in ascending or descending alphanumeric order. Sorting definitions, which are created in the Sorting dialog box and displayed in the Information panel, are dynamic—applied as documents are drilled, pivoted, and changed.

You can use client-side and server-based sorting definitions:

Multiple sorting definitions are applied in the order presented by Analysis Tools Manager. Sorting definitions applied to axes with equal values may be rearranged by sorting definitions applied to axes with diverse values. The document display is the result of the cumulative application of all active sorting, client-side and server-side, but it may seem that only the last sorting definition was applied.

Table 29. Sorting Dialog Box 



Sort On

Specifies the member to which the sorting definition is applied




Selects ascending alphanumeric order


Selects descending alphanumeric order


Apply the definition to the document