Applying Point of View (POV)

POV database preferences enable users to insert dimensions and members into the documents of others. Definitions must be defined and activated for specific database connections.

When a POV is activated, the Use Point of View check box in the new document wizard is enabled. Documents created when Use Point of View is selected use the active POV.

EPM Workspace users cannot create or activate POV definitions. But, they can select database connections with activated POV definitions and apply the definitions to documents that they are creating. EPM Workspace users cannot apply POV definitions to documents.

POV definitions consist of axes and member selections. Entire definitions are used when documents are created with activated POVs.

If all POV member selections are custom filters, you may not see changes in your document. You can check Point of View, of the view pane Information tab, to see which POV, if any, is applied.


You cannot edit the User POV in Workspace.

  Using POV definitions is a three-part process:

  1. Use Web Analysis Studio to create a POV definition.

  2. Use Web Analysis Studio to activate the definition.

  3. Set a document (existing or newly created) to use the definition.

  To apply an activated POV definition to a new document:

  1. Perform an action:

    • Select File , then New Document.

    • Click the new button.

      The steps for creating documents are displayed.

  2. Click Browse.

  3. From the Open dialog box, select the file of the database connection that uses the activated POV definition that you want to use, and click OK.