Modifying Queries

Data Layout is a query editing interface. Data Layout displays dimensions returned by the database connection, arranged on four axes:

Database connections return three types of dimensions.

Table 12.  Dimension Type  


Dimension Type

Standard dimension icon


Attribute dimension icon


Attribute calculations icon

Attribute Calculations

All queries must have at least one dimension assigned to the row axis and one dimension assigned to the column axis; multiple dimensions can be nested on one axis. You can organize row and column dimensions by assigning dimensions to the page axis. Dimensions not assigned to rows, columns, and pages are in the filter axis.

All dimensions, regardless of the axes to which they are assigned, participate in all intersections displayed by a data object. You use Data Layout to arrange dimensions, to specify level of detail, and to set query options.


All data objects start as spreadsheets. Charts and pinboards are organized by the four axes, despite using different metaphors to display data.

  To redefine the query and dimension layout of the current data object of the current document, click the toolbar Data Layout button.

  To move a dimension between axes, drag the dimension to the other axis.

  To select members, double-click the dimension name.

Dimension Browser is displayed. See Selecting Members.