Using Web Analysis

In This Section:


Opening Presentations

Closing Presentations

Web Analysis Documents

Creating Web Analysis Documents

Creating Documents from Documents

Modifying Queries

Selecting Members

Advanced Member Selection

Searching for SAP BW Characteristics

Navigating Data Objects and Sources

Changing Display Types


SQL Spreadsheets

Freeform Grids

Resizing the Display

Managing Analysis Tools

Show/Hide Only

Traffic Lighting


Restrict Data

Retrieve Only Top/Bottom

Editing Data Formatting Definitions

Spreadsheet Options

Sizing Columns

Formatting Documents


Print as PDF from EPM Workspace

Print via PDF

Database Connections

Analytic Services Database Connections

Financial Management


Relational Access

Custom Web Analysis Documents

Linking Components by Query

Linking Dimensions

Edit Data Mode

Editing Data Values

Copying, Cutting, and Pasting To and From Excel

Tips for Edit Data Mode

Getting the Latest Version of Help

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