#include <db.h>

DB_MULTIPLE_WRITE_INIT(void *pointer, DBT *data); 

Initialize a DBT containing a bulk buffer for use with the DB_MULTIPLE or DB_MULTIPLE_KEY flags to the DB->put() or DB->del() methods.

This macro initializes an opaque pointer variable used for adding records to a bulk buffer. Use this macro for buffers that will contain either a data item per record (for use with DB_MULTIPLE), or key/data pairs, where the key is not a record number. For record number keys, use DB_MULTIPLE_RECNO_WRITE_INIT.



The pointer parameter is an opaque pointer variable to be initialized.


The data parameter is a DBT structure that has been initialized by the application with a buffer to hold multiple records. The ulen field must be set to the size of the buffer allocated by the application, and must be a multiple of 4.



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