Windows CE notes

  1. The C++ API is not supported on Windows CE. The file stream and exception handling functionality provided by the Berkeley DB C++ API are not supported by Windows CE. It is possible to build a C++ application against the Berkeley DB C API.
  2. We do not currently ship workspace/project files for Windows CE that are compatible with Visual Studio 2005. You should be able to manually create project files by duplicating the structure in the eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 projects.
  3. The Java API is not currently supported on Windows CE.
  4. Tcl support is not currently supported on Windows CE.
  5. Berkeley DB is shipped with support for the Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 target platforms. It is possible to build Berkeley DB for different target platforms using Visual Studio's Configuration Manager.

    This can be done using the following steps:

    1. Open Visual Studio, and load the build_wince/Berkeley_DB.sln solution file.
    2. Select the Build->Configuration Manager... menu item.
    3. In the Active Solution Platform... dropdown, select New...
    4. Select the desired target platform (you must have the desired Microsoft Platform SDK installed for it to appear in the list). Choose to copy settings from either the Pocket PC 2003 or Smartphone 2003 platforms.

    Before building the wce_tpcb sample application for the new platform, you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. Open the project properties page for wce_tpcb. Do this by: Right click wce_tpcb in the Solution Explorer then select Properties
    2. Select Configuration Properties->Linker->Input
    3. Remove secchk.lib and crtti.lib from the Additional Dependencies field.

    NOTE: These steps are based on Visual Studio 2005, and might vary slightly depending on which version of Visual Studio being used.