Building a BREW applet for the physical device

The binaries linked with the Berkeley DB library for the BREW simulator are not target files that can run on the physical device. In order to build for the physical device, an ARM compiler is needed: the recommended ARM compiler is ARM Developer Suite 1.2.

The steps for building a BREW applet for the physical device are as follows:

  1. Set the target BREW Applet project as the active project.
  2. Select "Generate ARM Make file" in the BREW tool bar for VC6, and a make file will be generated (if this step does not work, confirm your ADS was correctly installed).
  3. The Berkeley DB library must then be manually added to this make file. See the build_brew\bdbread.mak file in the Berkeley DB distribution for an example.
  4. Select Tools -> BREW Application 'Make' to build.

The target .mod file will be created in the build directory, and this is the file which should be uploaded to the physical device.