Building Berkeley DB Library for the Device

  1. Install the CSL Arm tool chain.
  2. From $EPOCROOT/epoc32/release/armv5/lib, add OpenC library libpthread.dso to the GCCE library(libc.dso already added).
  3. Since Berkeley DB uses old-style function definitions, it will not be accepted by the default compiler:arm-none-symbianelf-g++.exe. Change the compiler to arm-none-symbianelf-gcc.exe and specify the "-x c" option there.
  4. Select build target to GCCE UREL, to build, press F7.

The build will create the file bdb_s60.lib, which is installed into $EPOCROOT/epoc32/ release/armv5/urel, which can be linked by Berkeley DB applications for device.