Source code layout

Directory Description
LICENSE Berkeley DB License
btree Btree access method source code
build_brew BREW build directory
build_s60 S60 build directory
build_unix UNIX build directory
build_vxworks VxWorks build directory.
build_wince Windows CE build directory.
build_windows Windows build directory.
clib C library replacement functions
common Common Berkeley DB functions
crypto Cryptographic support
cxx C++ API
db Berkeley DB database support
db185 Berkeley DB version 1.85 compatibility API
db_archive The db_archive utility
db_checkpoint The db_checkpoint utility
db_deadlock The db_deadlock utility
db_dump The db_dump utility
db_dump185 The db_dump185 utility
db_hotbackup The db_hotbackup utility
db_load The db_load utility
db_printlog The db_printlog debugging utility
db_recover The db_recover utility
db_sql The db_sql utility
db_stat The db_stat utility
db_upgrade The db_upgrade utility
db_verify The db_verify utility
dbinc C language include files
dbinc_auto Automatically generated C language include files
dbm The dbm/ndbm compatibility APIs
dbreg Berkeley DB database handle logging support
dist Berkeley DB administration/distribution tools
docs Documentation
docs_src API and Reference Guide documentation sources
env Berkeley DB environment support
examples_c C API example programs
examples_cxx C++ API example programs
examples_java Java API example programs
fileops File object operation support
hash Hash access method
hmac Checksum support
hsearch The hsearch compatibility API
java Java API
libdb_java The libdb_java shared library
lock Lock manager
log Log manager
mod_db4 Apache module support
mp Shared memory buffer pool
mutex Mutexes
os POSIX 1003.1 operating-system specific functionality
os_brew BREW operating-system specific functionality
os_qnx QNX operating-system specific functionality
os_s60 S60 operating-system specific functionality
os_vxworks VxWorks operating-system specific functionality
os_windows Windows operating-system specific functionality
perl DB_File and BerkeleyDB Perl modules
php_db4 PHP module support
qam Queue access method source code
rep Replication source code
repmgr Replication Manager Framework source code
sequence Sequence source code
tcl Tcl API
test Test suite
test_micro Micro-benchmark test suite
txn Transaction manager
xa X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing XA support