Release 3.2: DB_ENV->set_flags

A new method has been added to the Berkeley DB environment handle, DB_ENV->set_flags(). This method currently takes three flags: DB_CDB_ALLDB, DB_NOMMAP, and DB_TXN_NOSYNC. The first of these flags, DB_CDB_ALLDB, provides new functionality, allowing Berkeley DB Concurrent Data Store applications to do locking across multiple databases.

The other two flags, DB_NOMMAP and DB_TXN_NOSYNC, were specified to the DB_ENV->open() method in previous releases. In the 3.2 release, they have been moved to the DB_ENV->set_flags() method because this allows the database environment's value to be toggled during the life of the application as well as because it is a more appropriate place for them. Applications specifying either the DB_NOMMAP or DB_TXN_NOSYNC flags to the DB_ENV->open() method should replace those flags with calls to the DB_ENV->set_flags() method.