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Oracle® Real User Experience Insight Accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide
Release 6.5.0 for Linux x86-64

Part Number E17193-02
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B Troubleshooting

This appendix highlights the most common problems encountered when installing the RUEI accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite. The information in this appendix should be reviewed before contacting Customer Support.

B.1 Network Traffic Does Not Appear to be Measured

In the event that expected network traffic does not appear to be reported, it is recommended that you review the following points:

It is strongly recommended that after installing the EBS accelerator package, you login to the EBS application, and execute a critical path through the application. Then, you should search for recorded action within RUEI, and use the Session Diagnostics facility to verify that it is correctly reported. In particular:

B.2 A Large Number of Unidentified Actions are Reported

If a large portion of the reported traffic contains unidentified actions, this indicates that Forms tracking is not functioning correctly. You should consider the following:

B.3 Sessions are Reported as "Anonymous"

If sessions are reported as "anonymous", but user IDs are available in the All sessions cube, you should verify the Correlation URL argument specified within the Forms tab of the suite's overview (as shown in Figure 1-6).

B.4 Script Reports FRM-91500 Error

When the script is run on a Unix system, the following error is reported multiple times:

FRM-91500: Unable to start/complete the build.

This is caused by the frmbatch script not having access to the user interface. You should consider the following:

B.5 Perl Zip Functionality is not Available

In some systems, zip functionality is not installed as part of the Perl package. In this case, you receive the following message:

The Archive::Zip package is not available on this system.

After this message, a sample command indicates how the archive might be created. Be aware that the archive should consist of non-empty files, and that files should not be in directories. If so, the upload to RUEI will fail. Alternatively, you can execute the command zip EBS_*txt in the appropriate directory.

B.6 The frmcmp_batch Script Fails

The frmcmp_batch script fails due to some unknown error, and reports something similar to the following:

execution of 'frmcmp_batch module=XXX/XXX/XXX.fmb module_type=form batch=yes logon=no forms_doc=yes strip_source=yes build=no output_file=/tmp/XXX.txt' failed: 11. Ignoring /XXX/XXX/XXX.fmb

This indicates that the reported .fmb file could not be converted into .txt format (possibly due to corruption). If only a very small proportion of the total number of .fmb files are reported, this will probably not be an issue. Indeed, it is likely that the reported forms would not work in a production environment in any case. However, if you know that visitors to your Web site are actively using the reported forms without trouble, then please report this issue. When doing so, please provide the relevant .fmb files, together with some indication of how they are deployed within your EBS environment.

B.7 Script Generates Warnings/Errors

If you receive errors and/or warnings while running the script, depending on their nature, do the following: