Activity codes overview


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Activity codes are a set of codes you create, based on your organization's criteria, that enable you to categorize activities into logical groups. You can create global activity codes to organize project activities across all projects within an organization. Use EPS-level activity codes to organize project activities across an enterprise project structure (EPS). You can also define a set of project-level activity codes to categorize activities based on some specific features within a project.

Activity codes represent broad categories of information, such as department, project manager, or location. You can create multiple activity codes according to specific categories, then assign different values for each code. For example, assume your organization has many departments and you want to review activities within each department. You may first create an activity code "department", then assign different values such as quality assurance, finance, and sales. You can then associate activities with specific departments.

After you create activity codes, users can assign code values to activities and group, sort, and filter project data based on activity code values.