Project Request Form


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Use the Project Request Form to specify the details of a new work request and to route the request through a review and approval process that has been defined by your organization.

Note: The form that appears is based on the workflow type, project request, and the specific workflow template selected by the request initiator, so the information displayed may not be the same each time you view this form. more
  1. From the Projects drop-down list, select Initiate Project Request.
  2. Select a Template, then click OK.
  3. Specify data for all required fields, at least, and for additional fields as applicable. Required fields are noted by an asterisk.
  4. To save your changes and advance the workflow to the next stage, click Advance Request.

To Save the project request without advancing it to the next stage, click Save. You might do this, for example, if you need to investigate further before completing a required field.

To cancel without saving changes, click Cancel.

To reject the project request, click Reject Request.

    Note: Reject Request is not available in the first stage. The Collaborate link does not appear until you save the request.
Request Forms and Templates

When a user initiates a project request, they must choose from one or more workflow templates. The workflow template selected determines which fields appear on the Request Form. Workflow templates are designed by someone in your organization, for example, the Project Management Administrator, and define a customized process for routing work requests for review and approval based on the requirements of your organization. Your organization may use one or more templates to define the processes by which new work requests are reviewed. All existing workflow templates are available to select from when you create a new project request.

Note: The availability of workflows and related features requires the installation and configuration of the P6 Web Access workflow repository. For information, refer to your Primavera administrator.