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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E12245-01
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AllowMoveLast Property

Applies To

Oracle Data Control


Determines whether the user can move to the last record using the Data Control's MoveLast button. Read/write at design time and run time.


oradata1.AllowMoveLast = [True | False]


By default, AllowMoveLast is True, in which case the user has no restriction upon record motion, even when moving to the last record may be very time consuming.

When AllowMoveLast is False, the Data Control's MoveLast button is grayed out and disabled. However, once the last record has been encountered (either because the user has navigated to the end of the set, or because code has positioned the record pointer to the last record), the button is enabled. This gives the user visual feedback about whether or not the entire query has been fetched. Setting this property to False does not prevent you from using the MoveLast method.

Changing this property has no effect until a Refresh method is sent to the data control.


Integer (Boolean)