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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E12245-01
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Clone Method

Applies To

OraDynaset Object


Returns a duplicate dynaset of the specified dynaset.


Set oradynaset2 = oradynaset1.Clone
Set oradynaset2 = oradynaset1.DbClone  


This method creates a duplicate dynaset of the one specified. The original and duplicate dynasets have their own current record. However, the new dynaset is not positioned on any row and has its EOF and BOF conditions set to True. To change this, you must explicitly set a current row on the new duplicate with a Move or Find method.

Using the Clone method has no effect on the original dynaset. You cannot add, update, or remove records from a dynaset clone.

Use the Clone method to perform an operation on a dynaset that requires multiple current records.

A cloned dynaset does not have all the property settings of the original. The CacheBlock, CacheSliceSize, CacheSlicePerBlock, and FetchLimit properties are all set to Null.

Bookmarks of a dynaset and its clone are interchangeable; bookmarks of dynasets created with separate CreateDynaset methods are not interchangeable.