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Oracle® Objects for OLE Developer's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2) for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E12245-01
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PollingAmount Property

Applies To

OraBLOB, OraCLOB Objects

OraBFILE Object


Gets or sets the total amount to be read or written for multiple chunk Read and Write operations (polling). A value of zero means that polling is not used. This property is read/write at run time.


pollamountbytes = OraBFile.PollingAmount 
OraBfile.PollingAmount = pollamountbytes 
pollamountbytes = OraBlob.PollingAmount 
OraBlob.PollingAmount = pollamountbytes 
pollamountchars= OraClob.PollingAmount 
OraClob.PollingAmount = pollamountchars 

Data Type



This value is expressed in bytes for the OraBLOB and OraBFILE objects, or characters for the OraCLOB object. It is set before beginning a multiple-chunk read or write operation. After it is set, a series of Read or Write operations must be issued until the LOB Status property no longer returns ORALOB_NEED_DATA .This occurs when the PollingAmount bytes or characters have been read. Attempting to do other LOB operations before the end of the polling operation results in an error.