Class PropertySourceChangeEvent

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public class PropertySourceChangeEvent
extends PropertyChangeEventJAI

A class instances of which represent JAI properties as emitted for example by a PropertySource but in the guise of an event as defined for Java Beans. This class definition adds no functionality to that provided by the superclass per se. The significance of the derivation is that instances of this event by definition refer to properties in the JAI sense of the term. Otherwise put, this class provides an extra level of indirection.

JAI 1.1
See Also:
PropertyChangeEventJAI, PropertySource, Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
PropertySourceChangeEvent(Object source, String propertyName, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
          Constructs a PropertySourceChangeEvent.
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Constructor Detail


public PropertySourceChangeEvent(Object source,
                                 String propertyName,
                                 Object oldValue,
                                 Object newValue)
Constructs a PropertySourceChangeEvent. propertyName is forced to lower case; all other parameters are passed unmodified to the superclass constructor. If oldValue or newValue is to indicate a property for which no value is defined, then the object java.awt.Image.UndefinedProperty should be passed.
NullPointerException - if propertyName is null.
IllegalArgumentException - if source, oldValue or newValue is null.