Interface Summary
Negotiable An interface that defines objects that can be negotiated upon.
RemoteCRIF The RemoteCRIF interface is equivalent to the ContextualRenderedImageFactory for operations that are intended to be performed remotely.
RemoteDescriptor This interface provides a description of a specific remote imaging protocol.
RemoteRenderedImage RemoteRenderedImage is an interface commonly used to represent objects which contain or can produce image data in the form of Rasters from locations that are remote.
RemoteRIF The RemoteRIF interface is intended to be implemented by classes that wish to act as factories to produce different renderings remotely, for example by executing a series of remote operations on a set of sources, depending on a specific set of parameters, properties, and rendering hints.
SerializableState An interface to be implemented by classes instances of which act as serializable proxies for instances of non-serializable classes.
Serializer An interface to be implemented by classes which are capable of converting an instance of a supported class into a state representation of the object which is serializable.

Class Summary
JAIRMIDescriptor This class describes the "jairmi" remote imaging protocol.
NegotiableCapability A NegotiableCapability represents the capabilities of an object.
NegotiableCapabilitySet This class is an aggregation of NegotiableCapability objects.
NegotiableCollection A class that wraps an Collection to implement the Negotiable interface.
NegotiableNumeric A class that wraps a numeric primitive data type or a subclass of Number to implement the Negotiable interface.
NegotiableNumericRange A class that wraps a Range which contains numeric elements, to implement the Negotiable interface.
PlanarImageServerProxy A subclass of PlanarImage which represents an image on a remote server machine.
RemoteDescriptorImpl This abstract class provides a partial implementation of the RemoteDescriptor interface, and is suitable for subclassing.
RemoteJAI A convenience class for instantiating operations on remote machines.
RemoteRenderableOp A subclass of RenderableOp for remote operations.
RemoteRenderedOp A node in a remote rendered imaging chain.
SerializableRenderedImage A serializable wrapper class for classes which implement the RenderedImage interface.
SerializerFactory A utility class which provides factory methods for obtaining Serializer instances.

Exception Summary
RemoteImagingException RemoteImagingException is an Exception thrown to indicate that an error condition was encountered during remote image processing.