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Packages that use ELResolver
javax.el Provides the API for the Unified Expression Language shared by the JSP 2.1 and JSF 1.2 technologies. 
javax.servlet.jsp Classes and interfaces for the Core JSP 2.0 API. 
javax.servlet.jsp.el Provides the ELResolver classes that define the object resolution rules that must be supported by a JSP container with the new unified Expression Language. 

Uses of ELResolver in javax.el

Subclasses of ELResolver in javax.el
 class ArrayELResolver
          Defines property resolution behavior on arrays.
 class BeanELResolver
          Defines property resolution behavior on objects using the JavaBeans component architecture.
 class CompositeELResolver
          Maintains an ordered composite list of child ELResolvers.
 class ListELResolver
          Defines property resolution behavior on instances of List.
 class MapELResolver
          Defines property resolution behavior on instances of Map.
 class ResourceBundleELResolver
          Defines property resolution behavior on instances of ResourceBundle.

Fields in javax.el with type parameters of type ELResolver
(package private)  java.util.Iterator<ELResolver> CompositeELResolver.CompositeIterator.compositeIter
private  java.util.ArrayList<ELResolver> CompositeELResolver.elResolvers

Methods in javax.el that return ELResolver
abstract  ELResolver ELContext.getELResolver()
          Retrieves the ELResolver associated with this context.

Methods in javax.el with parameters of type ELResolver
 void CompositeELResolver.add(ELResolver elResolver)
          Adds the given resolver to the list of component resolvers.

Constructor parameters in javax.el with type arguments of type ELResolver
CompositeELResolver.CompositeIterator(java.util.Iterator<ELResolver> iter, ELContext context, java.lang.Object base)

Uses of ELResolver in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp with parameters of type ELResolver
 void JspApplicationContext.addELResolver(ELResolver resolver)
          Adds an ELResolver to affect the way EL variables and properties are resolved for EL expressions appearing in JSP pages and tag files.

Uses of ELResolver in javax.servlet.jsp.el

Subclasses of ELResolver in javax.servlet.jsp.el
 class ImplicitObjectELResolver
          Defines variable resolution behavior for the EL implicit objects defined in the JSP specification.
 class ScopedAttributeELResolver
          Defines variable resolution behavior for scoped attributes.

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