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Packages that use PageContext
javax.servlet.jsp Classes and interfaces for the Core JSP 2.0 API. 
javax.servlet.jsp.el Provides the ELResolver classes that define the object resolution rules that must be supported by a JSP container with the new unified Expression Language. 
javax.servlet.jsp.tagext Classes and interfaces for the definition of JavaServer Pages Tag Libraries. 

Uses of PageContext in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp that return PageContext
abstract  PageContext JspFactory.getPageContext(javax.servlet.Servlet servlet, javax.servlet.ServletRequest request, javax.servlet.ServletResponse response, java.lang.String errorPageURL, boolean needsSession, int buffer, boolean autoflush)
           obtains an instance of an implementation dependent javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext abstract class for the calling Servlet and currently pending request and response.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp with parameters of type PageContext
abstract  void JspFactory.releasePageContext(PageContext pc)
           called to release a previously allocated PageContext object.

Uses of PageContext in javax.servlet.jsp.el

Fields in javax.servlet.jsp.el declared as PageContext
(package private)  PageContext ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.mContext

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.el with parameters of type PageContext
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createApplicationScopeMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that "wraps" application-scoped attributes
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createCookieMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps cookie name to the first matching Cookie in request.getCookies().
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createHeaderMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps header name to single header value.
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createHeadersMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps header name to an array of header values.
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createInitParamMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps init parameter name to single init parameter value.
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createPageScopeMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that "wraps" page-scoped attributes
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createParamMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps parameter name to single parameter value.
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createParamsMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that maps parameter name to an array of parameter values.
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createRequestScopeMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that "wraps" request-scoped attributes
static java.util.Map ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.createSessionScopeMap(PageContext pContext)
          Creates the Map that "wraps" session-scoped attributes
static ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects.getImplicitObjects(PageContext pContext)
          Finds the ImplicitObjects associated with the PageContext, creating it if it doesn't yet exist.

Constructors in javax.servlet.jsp.el with parameters of type PageContext
ImplicitObjectELResolver.ImplicitObjects(PageContext pContext)

Uses of PageContext in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext

Fields in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext declared as PageContext
protected  PageContext TagSupport.pageContext
          The PageContext.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext with parameters of type PageContext
 void TagSupport.setPageContext(PageContext pageContext)
          Set the page context.
 void TagAdapter.setPageContext(PageContext pc)
          Must not be called.
 void Tag.setPageContext(PageContext pc)
          Set the current page context.

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