JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding
JAXB RI Vendor Extensions

Specification Version: 1.0
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.0.4

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This page contains information about vendor-specific features provided by the JAXB RI.

JAXB RI Binding Customizations
This document describes additional binding customizations that can be used to control the generated source code.

JAXB RI Runtime Properties
This document describes JAXB RI specific properties that affect the way that the JAXB Runtime library behaves.

JAXB RI Experimental Schema Language Support
This document describes the JAXB RI's experimental support for W3C XML Schema features not currently described in the JAXB Specification as well as support for other schema languages (RELAX NG and DTD).

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$Date: 2004/06/25 21:11:19 $