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Java XML Digital Signature API 1.0 EA2
Release Notes

Revised: 04/30/2004


Read This Section First

Before you work with this release, make sure that you have installed the required software and are on a supported operating system. You can find this information in the JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) home page and Release Notes and the XML DSig home page.

What This Release Includes

This release includes

The XML DSig release contents are arranged in the following structure within the Java WSDP release:

Directory Name Contents
xmldsig/docs Release documentation for the XML DSig framework.
xmldsig/lib contains the JSR 105 API and implementation JAR file
xmldsig/samples Example code. See samples.html for details.
xmldsig/docs/api API documentation for the XML DSig framework.

Current Limitations

This release provides early access functionality for the Java XML Digital Signature API (JSR 105), which is currently at Proposed Final Draft. Since JSR 105 is not yet finalized, the current APIs in this release are subject to change in future releases.

This release allows you to parse, sign or verify an XML Signature using JSR 105 and the DOM object model.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.