JSR 105, v0.13 (Proposed Final Draft)

Interface URIDereferencer

public interface URIDereferencer

A dereferencer of URIReferences.

The result of dereferencing a URIReference is either an instance of OctetStreamData or NodeSetData. Unless the URIReference is a same-document reference as defined in section 4.2 of the W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, the result of dereferencing the URIReference MUST be an OctetStreamData.

See Also:
XMLCryptoContext.setURIDereferencer(URIDereferencer), XMLCryptoContext.getURIDereferencer()

Method Summary
 Data dereference(URIReference uriReference, XMLCryptoContext context)
          Dereferences the specified URIReference and returns the dereferenced data.

Method Detail


public Data dereference(URIReference uriReference,
                        XMLCryptoContext context)
                 throws URIReferenceException
Dereferences the specified URIReference and returns the dereferenced data.

uriReference - the URIReference
context - an XMLCryptoContext that may contain additional useful information for dereferencing the URI. This implementation should dereference the specified URIReference against the context's baseURI parameter, if specified.
the dereferenced data
NullPointerException - if uriReference or context are null
URIReferenceException - if an exception occurs while dereferencing the specified uriReference

JSR 105, v0.13 (Proposed Final Draft)

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