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Java Web Services Tutorial - FAQ



This page attempts to answer the questions that readers most frequently send to the tutorial e-mail alias.

Here's a list of the questions, by category, that are posed and answered in this FAQ:

About the Tutorial

What is The Java Web Services Tutorial?

The Java Web Services Tutorial is a programmer's guide for the Java Web Services Developer Pack. It has been designed to be used with the J2EE Tutorial and only covers Java WSDP technologies that are not addressed in the J2EE Tutorial. The current version of the tutorial is online only and documents Java WSDP version 1.6.

Where can I get the tutorial?

The tutorial is no longer available as a download. You can read the tutorial online. Start by going here. If you prefer to read it offline, you can read the PDF file.

What version of the Java WSDP does the tutorial reflect?

The tutorial reflects the Java WSDP version 1.6.

What platforms does the Java WSDP support?

For a list of supported platforms, see the Java WSDP download page.

Can I use The Java Web Services Tutorial on Windows 98?

No. The Java WSDP is not supported on Windows 98. For a list of supported platforms, see the Java WSDP download page.

What topics are covered by the tutorial?

Check out the TOC in the left column here for a list of the chapters in the tutorial.

Where is the source code for the examples?

The source code for the examples is shipped with the Java WSDP bundle. For example, the JAXB examples are in the <JWSDP_HOME>/jaxb/samples/<example-name> directories. You cannot access the source code in the online version of The Java Web Services Tutorial that is available on our public web site.

I have problems compiling the examples using Ant.

I get the following error:

ant converter
Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
Build failed
See individual chapters in The Java Web Services Tutorial for instructions on using ant to build examples.

About Downloading the Tutorial

How do I download The Java Web Services tutorial?

The tutorial is no longer available as a download. You can read it online here.

Note: If you save the online tutorial, feel free to make it available locally at your site. Please do not publicly mirror it to the Web!. See the next question and answer to find out why.

May I mirror the tutorial publicly?

Anyone is permitted to have a copy of the online tutorial as long as it's visible only within their own institution (university, business, or whatever) and no one is profiting from the tutorial's distribution.

We've taken this position because the many tutorial mirrors mean that search engines generally don't find the most up-to-date version of the tutorial. Instead, search engines find mirror sites, which invariably fall behind. We end up getting e-mail about problems that have been corrected in newer versions of the tutorial. Or perhaps worse, we don't get e-mail and the reputation of the tutorial suffers. We allow local copies because we realize that browsing isn't always practical.

When you tell us about a mirror, we send the offender a friendly e-mail asking them to please move their copy of the tutorial to a place that isn't visible from the outside world.

Where can I download the Java WSDP?

See Java WSDP download.

About Getting the Tutorial in Other Formats

Can I get PDF version of the tutorial?

Yes. The PDF version is online here.

How do I print the tutorial?

Open the PDF version in Adobe Acrobat, and click the printer button.

Other Questions

Can you help me with my web services programming problem?

This question is actually a series of similar questions:

  • Here's my code. Can you help me debug it?
  • How do I set up my CLASSPATH?
  • When I try to run one of the tutorial examples on a PC/Sun it doesn't work at all. Help me.
  • I want to write a <<insert description of some program here>>. Where do I begin?
  • What's a compiler?

Unfortunately we are not staffed to provide answers to these types of questions. Many of these questions are answered in The Java Tutorial. You can also try the Java Technologies for Web Services at the JDC.

By the way, we tested all of the examples in the book on Sun systems and PCs. The examples work for us. If you are having problems with the examples, then you are probably having configuration problems.

subscribe tutorial

We get a fair number of messages to our e-mail address,, from people attempting to subscribe. Our e-mail address is not a subscription address. It's a way for you to reach us.

Where's the change history for the tutorial?

Read a complete change history of the tutorial.

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