SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM 1.3 EA
Release Notes

Revised: 23/11/2005


Read This Section First

Before you work with this release, make sure that you have installed the required software and are on a supported operating system. You can find this information in the JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) home page and Release Notes and the SAAJ home page.

What This Release Includes

This release is based on the specification for the SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM (SAAJ) 1.3 (which is not a final draft). The SAAJ 1.3 EA release updates the 1.2.2 release and contains new features.

This release includes

This release depends on the following components:

The SAAJ RI release contents are arranged in the following structure within the Java WSDP release:

Directory Name Contents
saaj/docs Release documentation for the SAAJ RI
saaj/lib JAR files used by the SAAJ RI
saaj/samples Code examples
saaj/webapps WAR files for the sample programs
docs/api SAAJ API documentation

Sample Applications

This release contains the following sample applications. You can reach the first three samples by starting the Web container and then opening the URL for the sample in a browser. Instructions for running the sample applications, along with more detailed descriptions, are in the file samples.html.

Known Issues

At this release, the SAAJ RI has the following known issues:
      The new APIs supported in this release are based on a Draft version of the SAAJ 1.3  Specification (which is not final yet) and hence are subject to change based on changes to the specification.