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Oracle® OpenSSO STS Administrator's Guide
Release 11gR1. Version

Part Number E17844-01
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3 Getting Started Using the OpenSSO STS Console

OpenSSO STS provides a graphical user interface for centralized server and agent profile management. This chapter contains the following topics:

3.1 Logging In to the OpenSSO STS Console

To access the OpenSSO STS administration console, use a browser to go to the following URL:

http://HostName.Domain: 8080/openssosts.

On the OpenSSO STS login page, enter the administrator username and password, and then click Login.


The first time you log into OpenSSO STS, you must use the default administrator username and password, and complete a one-time configuration task. See Section 3.2, "First-Time Login Configuration."

3.2 First-Time Login Configuration

After installing OpenSSO STS, when you access the OpenSSO STS server for the first time, the following page is displayed:

Figure 3-1 First-Time Login Configuration

Description of Figure 3-1 follows
Description of "Figure 3-1 First-Time Login Configuration"

Configuring the OpenSSO Security Token Application is a one-time only configuration task. See Section 3.2.1, "To Configure the OpenSSO STS Application."

3.2.1 To Configure the OpenSSO STS Application

  1. On the Configuring the OpenSSO Security Token Service Application page, provide the following password values:

    Table 3-1 OpenSSO STS Application Passwords

    Password Description


    This is the password administrators use to access OpenSSO STS.

    Policy agent password

    This password is used when Java EE agents are configured against OpenSSO STS.

    Other server information on this page is retrieved from the server itself. Click Configure when you're ready to proceed. When configuration is complete, a "Login to Console" link is displayed. Click the link open the administration console.

  2. Click Configure.

    When configuration is complete, a link "Login to the Console" is displayed.

  3. Click Login to the Console.

  4. On the OpenSSO STS Login page, provide the following values:

    Table 3-2 Default Administrator Login Values

    Parameter Default Value




    Type the password specified in step 1.

  5. Click Log In.

3.3 About the Single-Realm OpenSSO STS Console

In OpenSSO STS, a realm is an administration unit under which all service configuration data is stored. There is only one realm, the Top-Level Realm. You cannot add peer realms or subrealms. For detailed information about configuring OpenSSO STS, see Part II, "Basic Server Administration".

Figure 3-2 OpenSSO STS Administration Console

Description of Figure 3-2 follows
Description of "Figure 3-2 OpenSSO STS Administration Console"