7.13 Registering Pluggable Destinations with Reports Server

To register a pluggable destination with Reports Server:

  1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  2. Navigate to the Reports Server Home page (see Section 7.3, "Viewing the Component Topology").

  3. From the Reports menu, select Administration > Advanced Configuration.

    The Reports Server Advanced Configuration page displays.

  4. In the Reports Pluggable Destinations section, enter appropriate Name and Class values for the new pluggable destination.

    For example, to register the SecurePDF pluggable destination:

    Name: SecurePDF

    Class: oracle.reports.plugin.destination.securepdf.SecurePdfDestination

  5. Click Add Destination, then click Apply.

    This adds the new destination element to the Reports Server configuration file (rwserver.conf), which adds the specified destination to the Report Server's list of valid destinations for report output.

  6. You can also click Add to add the properties for the destination in the Registered properties.


The jars where pluggable destination classes are available must be available in the REPORTS_CLASSPATH environment variable, or in the WebLogic Server classpath (in case of in-process servers)