7.18 Diagnosing Issues

To help diagnose issues, you can use the Oracle Enterprise Manager logging functionality:

7.18.1 Specifying Logging Information

To specify information to be saved in log files for Reports Server or Reports Application (in-process Reports Server):

  1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  2. Navigate to the component Home page (see Section 7.3, "Viewing the Component Topology").

  3. From the Reports menu, select Logs > Log Configuration.

    Alternatively, from the Reports Menu, click Administration > Advanced Configuration.

    From the Reports Application Diagnostics window, click the link to Advanced Log Configuration.

    The Log Configuration page is displayed.

  4. Select the Log Levels tab.

  5. In the Oracle Diagnostic Logging Level (Java Level) section, change the log levels as desired (see Table 24-4, "11g ODL Message Types vs 10.1.2 Trace Options").

  6. Select the Log Files tab.

  7. Select the log handler that you want to modify and click the Edit Configuration tab

  8. Enter a new path in the Log Path field to change the log file location, if necessary.

  9. Change the Maximum Log File Size (MB) and Maximum Size of all Log Files (MB) properties as desired.

    In Oracle Enterprise Manager, the rotation policy for log files can be set by specifying the Max Log size and Max number of files properties. For example, if Max Log size is set to 10MB and Max number of files is set to 10, log file rotation automatically takes place when the first log file (diagnostics.log) reaches 1 MB (Max Log size / Max number of files = 10MB/10). ODL then renames this file to diagnostic1.log and starts logging to a new diagnostics.log. When it reaches a size of 1 MB, it is renamed to diagnostics2.log and logging continues in diagnostics.log. When the number of files reaches 10, the earliest log file is purged (diagnostics1.log) and a new diagnostics11.log is created. In this example, the maximum size of all log files is limited to 10 MB and the maximum number of files to 10, removing the risk of creating huge log files of arbitrary size and the machine running out of space, bringing the production system down.

  10. Restart the component (see Section 7.4, "Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Oracle Reports Components") for the changes to take effect.

To observe the effects of these changes in the Oracle Enterprise Manager log viewer, see Section 7.11.1, "Viewing and Searching Log Files".

7.18.2 Diagnosing Font Issues

Refer to Section 7.9.2, "Diagnosing Font Issues".