13.1 What's New in this Release

11g Release 1 (11.1.1) provides the Pluggable Destinations from Oracle Forms Services enhancement.

13.1.1 Pluggable Destinations from Oracle Forms Services.

In prior releases, a pluggable destination defined for Reports Server cannot be used when running a report from Oracle Forms Services (specifically from RUN_REPORT_OBJECT) because the REPORT_DESTYPE property in Oracle Forms Services allows for only a pre-specified set of values.

In Oracle Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1), this limitation is removed: report requests can be submitted to all destinations, including any Oracle Reports-registered pluggable destinations from Oracle Forms Services. This enhancement introduces a new Oracle Forms Services command line parameter: PLUGDESTYPE. Oracle Forms Services passes the pluggable destination DESTYPE in the PLUGDESTYPE parameter as part of the REPORT_OTHER property. When this parameter is present, it overrides whatever is specified in DESTYPE command line argument (or REPORT_DESTYPE for Oracle Forms Services).

For more information, see Section 13.4, "Submitting Reports to Pluggable Destinations from Oracle Forms Services"