18.6 Sending a Request to the URL Engine

If you have activated the Reports Server's URL engine, you can send job requests to the URL engine by using the following command line options:

  • urlParameter identifies the URL to be placed in the cache. For example, http://www.oracle.com or a JSP report.

  • jobType is the name of a job type (for example, rwurl) in the server configuration file that is associated with a URL engine.


    For information on activating the URL engine, refer to Section 8.6, "Configuring the URL Engine".

For example, a request that specifies an external URL for urlParameter might look like the following:


Alternatively, a request that specifies a JSP report for urlParameter would look like the following:

http://your_webserver:portnum/reports/rwservlet?server= ReportsServer+jobType=rwurl+destype=cache+urlParameter=


If the URL has special characters, they must be encoded as per the x-www-form-urlencoded format.