3.1 What's New In This Release?

Oracle Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) provides the installation and upgrade enhancements listed in Table 3-1 (a subset of Table 1-1, "11g Functionality vs. 10g Functionality"):

Table 3-1 11g Install Features vs. 10g Functionality

11g New Features Equivalent 10g Functionality

Flexible install types. In Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, install type contains Oracle Reports, Forms, Portal, and Discoverer. In the installer, you can selectively install any one of these products or all of them.

Predefined install types only. For example, you can not install Oracle Reports alone or Oracle Reports and Oracle Portal alone.

Separate installation of binaries from configuration, allowing shared binaries across servers. Oracle Installer allows for install only and then configuration only as two separate steps.

For more information, see Section 3.2, "Understanding the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Structure".

Single ORACLE_HOME installation including both binaries and configuration.

New and improved management screens in Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides enhanced usability for all the administration, monitoring, and diagnosability operations. For more information, see Chapter 7, "Administering Oracle Reports Services Using Oracle Enterprise Manager".

Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server (AS) Control, and modifying configuration files.

Fully automated upgrade from 10g Release 2 (10.1.2).

For more information, see Section 3.6, "Upgrading from the Prior Release".

Not Applicable (N/A)