3.5 Confirming Security with Oracle Portal-Based Security

In Oracle Reports 11g Release 1 (11.1.1), by default Reports Server is secure out-of-the-box using Oracle Portal-based Security Services. During installation, you can specify any LDAP server (including Oracle Internet Directory) to be used as the policy store. Confirm that security is enabled in either of the following ways:

3.5.1 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager

In Oracle Enterprise Manager, select Reports > Administration > Advanced Configuration to display the Reports Server Advanced Configuration Page:

  • In the Reports Security region, check Enable Security.

3.5.2 Using the Command Line

On the command line, navigate to the following directory to open the in-process Reports Server configuration file to verify it is configured with the RWJAZN security:


The presence of "<security id="rwSec" class="oracle.reports.server.RWSecurity"/>" in the configuration file confirms that RWSecurity is enabled.