43.4 Summary

Congratulations! You have created a paper report and a JSP-based Web report that use the barcode JavaBean to generate barcode images.

You now know how to:

  • use the Java importer to add Java classes to a paper report.

  • use JavaServer Pages to call a JavaBean from within a report.

  • create a PL/SQL package.

  • use a Before Report trigger to tell Reports Builder what type of barcode image to use.

  • manually build a data model with a SQL query and formula columns.

  • edit the code in the Web Source view for a JSP-based Web report.

  • set up a JavaBean in JSP.

For more information on any of the wizards, views, or properties used in this example, refer to the Oracle Reports online Help, which is available in Oracle Reports Builder or hosted on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), as described in Section 4.1.1, "Using the Oracle Reports online Help".