1.10 The Property Inspector

The topics in this section discuss the Property Inspector in Oracle Reports Builder.

1.10.1 About the Property Inspector

The Property Inspector is a window that enables you to access the properties of the currently selected object(s) in the Object Navigator, Report Editor, and Template Editor.

Every Oracle Reports Builder object (query, group, frame, parameter, and so on.) has associated properties that can be viewed using the Property Inspector. To get help on any property, click the property in the Property Inspector and press F1. About making multiple selections in the Property Inspector

You can select multiple objects at the same time by using Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click in the navigators or the editors. When two or more objects are selected, a list of object names is displayed at the top of the Property Inspector.

The Intersection/Union button on the Property Inspector toolbar determines which properties are displayed in the property list when more than one object is selected. Toggling between Intersection and Union changes the list of properties displayed in the Property Inspector, but does not affect the setting of any property.

Table 1-2 Property Inspector Intersection/Union

Button Description


The default. Only properties common to all selected objects are displayed.


All properties of every object selected are displayed.

Properties that are common to two or more objects in a multiple selection are listed only once, and the property setting is displayed as follows:

  • If the property has the same setting for all of the selected objects that have it in common, the common setting is displayed.

  • If the property is set differently for the objects that have it in common, the string ***** is displayed.

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