1.12 Oracle Reports Components

The Oracle Reports components are:

Table 1-4 Oracle reports Component Descriptions

Component Description


Starts Oracle Reports Builder.


Runs a report using the Oracle Reports Services in-process server.


Parses and transfers a command line to the specified Reports Server.


Invokes the Reports Server (through Oracle Enterprise Manager).


Translates and delivers information between either a Web server or a Java EE Container (for example, Oracle WebLogic Server) and the Reports Server, enabling you to run a report dynamically from your Web browser.


Converts one or more report definitions or PL/SQL libraries from one storage format to another.

All components listed in Table 1-4, except rwclient and rwserver, can be run from the command line. See the Reference > Command Line section of the Oracle Reports online Help for detailed information about the components and command line keywords. Refer to Oracle Fusion Middleware Publishing Reports to the Web with Oracle Reports Services for information about managing and monitoring Reports Server, Reports Tools and Oracle Reports Bridge through Oracle Enterprise Manager or OPMN commands.

See also

Section 4.7.2, "Running a report from the command line"

Section 4.7.3, "Running a report using a command file"